Thailand DramasTheptida Pla Rah (2021)

Theptida Pla Rah (2021)

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Bow returns to Thailand after she learns that her boyfriend, Pong (Takphet), has cheated on her and has impregnated Vithinee (Ploy) who he is now going to marry. Vithinee is the younger sister of the male lead, Tos (Porche ) who is the owner of a plantation and is extremely protective over his sickly sister.

Lost in the pain of heartbreak and deceit, Bow decides to go to a club alone and drink her pain away. There she somehow ends up in a bad situation — almost being drugged and comprosmised by a criminal. She is, however, saved by Tos, who manages to take her to a private room safely.

The protective older brother — unwilling to let Bow ruin his sister’s happiness — ends up using this opportunity to tie Bow to himself. He tells Bow’s father that he has slept with his daughter, which makes the older man marry Bow off to Tos in order to protect his daughter’s virtue.

Thus begins a very push and pull lovestory of Bow and Tos.

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Drama: Wong Wien Hua Jai
Country: Thailand
Episodes: 16
Aired: Jan 21, 2021 – Mar 17, 2021
Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday
Original Network: Channel 7
Duration: 1 hr. 30 min.
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Wong Wien Hua Jai (Thai adaptation)
Wong Wien Hua Jai (Thai adaptation)
Native Title: วงเวียนหัวใจ
Also Known As: Wong Wian Hua Jai, Rotation of the Heart, Revolving Hearts
Director: Anuwat Thanomrod
Genres: Romance, Drama
Tags: Revenge, Fake Pregnancy, Abusive Male Lead, Hate To Love, Slap And Kiss, Misunderstanding, Adapted From A Novel

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